Sulfolane Recycling Sulfolane Recycling
Introduction to Sulfolane
Sulfolane Sulfolane, or tetrahydrothiophene 1, 1-dioxide, is a man-made industrial solvent, commonly used in gas production and oil refining. It is a highly polar, very stable, water soluble compound with solvent power for many organic materials.

Sulfolane was first produced by Shell back in the 1940's Its main applications were the Shell Sulfolane Extraction Process where Sulfolane is used in extraction processes to recover high-purity aromatic components from hydrocarbon mixtures.

The other main application is the Sulfinol Process for purifying gas streams, where Sulfolane is used to purify acidic or sour gas streams by removing sulfur compounds and carbon dioxide to provide gas to meet commercial specifications.

Both processes are licensed by Shell.

However Sulfolane has numerous other applications, such as extractive distillation, reaction solvent, polymerisation solvent and dyestuffs and is used in many manufacturing industries such as plastics, textiles, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and electronics.