Sulfinol Sulfinol
sulfinol Sulfinol is a Shell trademark for a gas-treating solvent, consisting of  Sulfolane, water and one or more amines.

Sulfolane usually comprises between 15% and 35% of the solvent, depending on the advice given by the process licensor Shell Global Solutions. The solvent is formulated based on such factors as feed gas composition and desired treated gas specification. The formulation combining the chemical absorption properties of amines and physical absorption properties of Sulfolane, allows for cost effective contaminants removal from gases.

Currently, three different solvents are available for the Sulfinol process:
  • Sulfinol-X consists of Sulfolane, MDEA, Piperazine and Water
  • Sulfinol-M consists of Sulfolane, MDEA and Water
  • Sulfinol-D consists of Sulfolane, DIPA and Water .

Novasol can blend Sulfinol to the desired specifications in its Antwerp facilities.